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Art by Magnus “Mojo” Olsson – Some miscellaneous art from the past

February 19th, 2013

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Here are some artwork I have been working with in the past.

Doll and a rug bear is dancing on a flower. This was a team up between me and the painting artist Carolina Alotus who usually paint large flowers. The painting ended up in Germany.

“Ventriloquist”, in Swedish called “Buktalaren”.

Cant translate the tile of this, “Den fisförnäma flickan”

Newton, this painting ended up in a home where they buyer told me she loves pigs.

I have forgot the titel of this.

A Swedish pop artist before he got famous. From photo to black and white art.

Following up will be some random art.

(Art by Magnus”Mojo”Olsson- Some miscellaneous art from the past)

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