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A few days ago I did a quick digital drawing for the great talented US author Steve Daniels. Steve is working on his Graphic Novel “Dark Hopper” and I was very pleased to hear he would appreciate if I could make a drawing based on my own ideas with his main character Dark Hopper. So I did. Sadly I got caught by cold and the deadline was closing in, but I managed anyway to adapt Steve´s way of working with drawings. Created this little fun picture of Dark Hopper.

The drawing is made completely digital, both the sketch and the final art, I made that chocie since it seemed to be the fastest way to uphold the deadline and it was fun to work this way too. Steve´s way of working as an artist seems to me to be very spontaneous, he finds his way completing a picture by the lines given. This man is a genius with a pen. Creating a simple drawing still making it so great.

I hope you all will enjoy this little teaser of the Dark Hopper Graphic Novel, more info will probably be found here further on:

I had the pleasure to enter the international CE Design Contest II that was taking place in Thailand earlier last year. For the contest I created a graphical character design, blister-pack design and T-shirt design for a toy. I must confess it worked out pretty good as I at least ended up as one of fifty international contenders along with fifty national contenders in Thailand. The only contender from Sweden that reached this far in that contest.

As a Christmas gift this year I recieved a thick envelope addressed to Mojo, in it was one of their unique created toys to show off how far I reached in the contest. It also show how important Swedish design are at an international level. Very selldom I join contests these days since they often is timeconsuming with only a small chance of any sort of returns, but this was just too fun opportunity to let go.

I did not win the contest neither was that my goal, so I wont share any tips on how to win a contest. But it is important to point out: Believe in what you are about to create is the same as belief in a dream. It might happen but hopefully it will be as good that you will remember it for the rest of your days. A dream of possibilities – Thats were magic happens. From an idea to an international surprise of joy.

You will probably not enjoy this post as much as I do but hopefully it can inspire you to believe in your own creativity and proceed from being a thinker to be a doer.


Having a productive moment at Andarve Image Gallery during the ongoing exhibition with Chillyhumor. I enjoy these creative moments when being able meet the visitors and live paint humoristic art with my snowmen. Yesterday I finished a very special piece of work which got the Swedish title “Teater”. Originally made with a Sharpie Fine Point marker pen and Aquarelle. I have always enjoyed to paint with watercolors it all comes so natural to me. Since the exhibition started I have painted about 30 new artworks in the concept Chillyhumor – Cool art by Mojo. I hope you enjoy seeing a preview of this.

The exhibition is going on till december 22nd, 2012, at Kronhusgatan 10, 411 05 Gothenburg, Sweden.


Göteborgskonstnären och illustratören Magnus”Mojo”Olsson ställer ut Chillyhumor – Humoristiska snögubbar med ordassociationer. Utställning blandas med äldre och nyare verk samt Live Målning i mån av tid. Öppet 10-18 mån-sönd. Andarve Image Gallery, Kronhusgatan 10, Göteborg. Välkomna till en rolig utställning!



Magnus”Mojo”Olsson ställer ut Chillyhumor – Humoristiska snögubbar med ordassociationer. Öppet 10-18 mån-sönd. Andarve Image Gallery, Kronhusgatan 10, Göteborg.



Watched a live event at presenting the new iPad3. Picked up a pen and presented this little goodie for them. I assume they was pleased since they published it at their Facebook wall.

Caricature of Mojo

October 26th, 2012


This category is so far pretty empty but as soon as possible I will make it able to find a concrete portfolio of work.

Temporary a new look

June 14th, 2012

Made some small changes to the blog to improve and resolve some previous theme issues. I do not do these changes on regular basis since I am almost full time occupied finding a new or extra job, but I hope you will anyhow find my posts interesting or of any use. I will still be active producing art and illustrations and from time to time write a review of something that I find interesting.