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Social active painting artist, illustrator, lecturer, comic book artist and graphic designer

T-shirt Contest

October 23rd, 2015

Right Now The Dark North team has presented a contest on their Facebook page were you have the opportunity to win a TDN-T-shirt (1st edition) It will not be available anywhere else.

To participate pay a visit to

During Gothenburg Book Fair 2015 The Dark North and my art was presented live at Digitala Scenen by project leader Robert Henrysson and the illustrator Peter Bergting.

Here is a videodocumentation of the Event:

(If the videoclip doesnt work, please try following link )

The Dark North in Media

October 22nd, 2015

Being one of the artists for The Dark North gives a lot challenges, as presenting my painted work in Swedish Radio with Hasse Andersson along with The Dark North´s project leader Robert Henrysson who is one of the staff behind this wonderful concept.

The radioprogram can be heard in full at:

Or the short Mojo version:

Robert Henrysson made a perfect presentation of this wonderful concept The Dark North.

The Dark North in the media 

Magnus”Mojo”Olsson have been choosen to participate as one of five selected artists to create fantasy illustrations for the concept The Dark North. A concept that really triggered me from the start. Here is how the excellent team behind The Dark North presents me and my work.

Magnus ”Mojo” Olsson, master of the nordic myth, is our third contributing artist to be revealed. Read his interview here:

So what are you waiting for, follow the link and read!

Latest Plutonium Comic #12 is included with my ink on the cover. Original sketch by the Swedish talented artist Staffan Melin and colors by Lars Johansson.

Plutonium Comics is published by Per Myrhill and is an interesting anthology filled with many of Swedens nowdays active cartoonists. To order your own copy of this comic book it can be ordered here.

Signing during Gothenburg Book Fair 2015.

I had the pleasure to enter the international CE Design Contest II that was taking place in Thailand earlier last year. For the contest I created a graphical character design, blister-pack design and T-shirt design for a toy. I must confess it worked out pretty good as I at least ended up as one of fifty international contenders along with fifty national contenders in Thailand. The only contender from Sweden that reached this far in that contest.

As a Christmas gift this year I recieved a thick envelope addressed to Mojo, in it was one of their unique created toys to show off how far I reached in the contest. It also show how important Swedish design are at an international level. Very selldom I join contests these days since they often is timeconsuming with only a small chance of any sort of returns, but this was just too fun opportunity to let go.

I did not win the contest neither was that my goal, so I wont share any tips on how to win a contest. But it is important to point out: Believe in what you are about to create is the same as belief in a dream. It might happen but hopefully it will be as good that you will remember it for the rest of your days. A dream of possibilities – Thats were magic happens. From an idea to an international surprise of joy.

You will probably not enjoy this post as much as I do but hopefully it can inspire you to believe in your own creativity and proceed from being a thinker to be a doer.


Having a productive moment at Andarve Image Gallery during the ongoing exhibition with Chillyhumor. I enjoy these creative moments when being able meet the visitors and live paint humoristic art with my snowmen. Yesterday I finished a very special piece of work which got the Swedish title “Teater”. Originally made with a Sharpie Fine Point marker pen and Aquarelle. I have always enjoyed to paint with watercolors it all comes so natural to me. Since the exhibition started I have painted about 30 new artworks in the concept Chillyhumor – Cool art by Mojo. I hope you enjoy seeing a preview of this.

The exhibition is going on till december 22nd, 2012, at Kronhusgatan 10, 411 05 Gothenburg, Sweden.


Göteborgskonstnären och illustratören Magnus”Mojo”Olsson ställer ut Chillyhumor – Humoristiska snögubbar med ordassociationer. Utställning blandas med äldre och nyare verk samt Live Målning i mån av tid. Öppet 10-18 mån-sönd. Andarve Image Gallery, Kronhusgatan 10, Göteborg. Välkomna till en rolig utställning!


Happy Ending

December 31st, 2011

The upcoming year will be interesting. I am currently working on some changes for the blog and other progress in life. Meanwhile go enjoy a Happy New Year!


October 19th, 2010

Det är mycket som händer samtidigt för närvarande inga direkta aktuella händelser. Bloggen håller på att modifieras om för att bättre kunna fungera som en portfolio, inga utställningar än planerade och just nu söker jag extra jobb, framförallt inom grafisk produktion och illustration. Tips mottages tacksamt!