Magnus Mojo Olsson

Social active painting artist, illustrator, lecturer, comic book artist and graphic designer

Here is a full presentation of all five artist within the concept The Dark North. Peter Bergting, Magnus”Mojo”Olsson, Joakim Ericsson, Henrik Pettersson, Lukas Thelin.


During Gothenburg Book Fair 2015 The Dark North and my art was presented live at Digitala Scenen by project leader Robert Henrysson and the illustrator Peter Bergting.

Here is a videodocumentation of the Event:

(If the videoclip doesnt work, please try following link )

The Dark North in Media

October 22nd, 2015

Being one of the artists for The Dark North gives a lot challenges, as presenting my painted work in Swedish Radio with Hasse Andersson along with The Dark North´s project leader Robert Henrysson who is one of the staff behind this wonderful concept.

The radioprogram can be heard in full at:

Or the short Mojo version:

Robert Henrysson made a perfect presentation of this wonderful concept The Dark North.

The Dark North in the media