Magnus Mojo Olsson

Social active painting artist, illustrator, lecturer, comic book artist and graphic designer

T-shirt Contest

October 23rd, 2015

Right Now The Dark North team has presented a contest on their Facebook page were you have the opportunity to win a TDN-T-shirt (1st edition) It will not be available anywhere else.

To participate pay a visit to

During Gothenburg Book Fair 2015 The Dark North and my art was presented live at Digitala Scenen by project leader Robert Henrysson and the illustrator Peter Bergting.

Here is a videodocumentation of the Event:

(If the videoclip doesnt work, please try following link )

Magnus”Mojo”Olsson have been choosen to participate as one of five selected artists to create fantasy illustrations for the concept The Dark North. A concept that really triggered me from the start. Here is how the excellent team behind The Dark North presents me and my work.

Magnus ”Mojo” Olsson, master of the nordic myth, is our third contributing artist to be revealed. Read his interview here:

So what are you waiting for, follow the link and read!

Art is one of my main interest in life, I cant say I am a historian knowing a lot about art, but I know a lot about art from a lot different perspectives. Mainly because I produce art by myself and have done so for over two, nearly three decades. I keep my interest in a lot different fields of art to provoke myself to find inspiration or to become better in my own creative process where I can find and develop new techniques. Art is so much more then its own conceptual being, for me its more then just to describe whats there to be found. But still as easy let it be done with the intention that there is.

To sad I have very few artwork documented from back in time, many of them left my hands right after being made to their own being in history, back then camera was not what I had in mind to use to document, it was too expensive and my focus was more into create new art, to improve. Luckily I still have some work of art being preserved or documented in one way or another. Hopefully I will be a bit better by time to document the working process and the result.

Art made by me is either signed Magnus”Mojo”Olsson, Magnus Olsson or just Mojo. I prefer use only Mojo when signing illustrations I have made.

Here are some artwork I have been working with in the past.

Doll and a rug bear is dancing on a flower. This was a team up between me and the painting artist Carolina Alotus who usually paint large flowers. The painting ended up in Germany.

“Ventriloquist”, in Swedish called “Buktalaren”.

Cant translate the tile of this, “Den fisförnäma flickan”

Newton, this painting ended up in a home where they buyer told me she loves pigs.

I have forgot the titel of this.

A Swedish pop artist before he got famous. From photo to black and white art.

Following up will be some random art.

(Art by Magnus”Mojo”Olsson- Some miscellaneous art from the past)

Some more of my previous created art.

Tree, painted with fifty year old retousch colors. Painted late december 2012.

The wood

The other wood


Coppermodel 2.

The Chapel

(Art by Magnus”Mojo”Olsson- Some miscellaneous art from the past)