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I had the pleasure to enter the international CE Design Contest II that was taking place in Thailand earlier last year. For the contest I created a graphical character design, blister-pack design and T-shirt design for a toy. I must confess it worked out pretty good as I at least ended up as one of fifty international contenders along with fifty national contenders in Thailand. The only contender from Sweden that reached this far in that contest.

As a Christmas gift this year I recieved a thick envelope addressed to Mojo, in it was one of their unique created toys to show off how far I reached in the contest. It also show how important Swedish design are at an international level. Very selldom I join contests these days since they often is timeconsuming with only a small chance of any sort of returns, but this was just too fun opportunity to let go.

I did not win the contest neither was that my goal, so I wont share any tips on how to win a contest. But it is important to point out: Believe in what you are about to create is the same as belief in a dream. It might happen but hopefully it will be as good that you will remember it for the rest of your days. A dream of possibilities – Thats were magic happens. From an idea to an international surprise of joy.

You will probably not enjoy this post as much as I do but hopefully it can inspire you to believe in your own creativity and proceed from being a thinker to be a doer.




Watched a live event at presenting the new iPad3. Picked up a pen and presented this little goodie for them. I assume they was pleased since they published it at their Facebook wall.

Caricature of Mojo

October 26th, 2012


Happy Ending

December 31st, 2011

The upcoming year will be interesting. I am currently working on some changes for the blog and other progress in life. Meanwhile go enjoy a Happy New Year!

Sena nätter

June 27th, 2011

Jag har en trevlig ovana att vanligtvis sitta uppe till ganska sent och skapa. Kanske jag finner lugnets vrå så för att maximalt kunna utforska och utveckla stil och teknik när det är som lugnast. Ibland fångar jag den sena ovanan som en möjlighet av tid för en karikatyr, ibland slår skräcken sina klor i mina skapelser. Jag utgår sällan från att konkret fastna i en stil. Med en bredd breddas möjligheterna, tills nattens trötthet talat sitt ljudligt snarkande språk, så som nu.

Ur vinkeln
följer ett skruvstäd
som tvinnar
en stadig hands sökande

Precision av ett verk

Animation for a doll

April 14th, 2011

Back in the days I made some work for a client including to design a children softdoll/pet. Heres a short GIF animation I made to explain to the foreig country how the doll would look like in a rotating view. The animation contains 8 handdrawn and handcoloured pictures. (Looks like the image upload plugin requires you to click on each image to be animated.)
Below is the black simpliefied version of the animation.

Michael D Hamersky

February 8th, 2011

Made this caricature of my US friend Michael, he runs some famous comics related sites for those with interest, check them out:

Comic Book Sales:
Face Book Comic Con Table:
Facebook Fan Page:
Marketing & Publicity:

Quick animation

February 7th, 2011


Im still around here!