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Peter Bergting finally released his new Swedish book Demonprinsessan and it looks lovely

April 11th, 2012

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I am truly looking forward to this book “Demonprinsessan” in the series “Legenden Om Morwhayle”.

Last year I made a review of Peter Bergting´s very first book “Häxmästaren” and it turned out to be one of the top sellers in fantasy for younger readers here in Sweden, and most likely even people in my age. Great work, Congratulations to you Peter!

So far I don´t have much to say about this NEW book “Demonprinsessan” since I have not read it yet, but I most likely will soon. Peter just shared me his latest promo-video for the book and look such great art he creates. This is one of Swedens multi-talented Authors. I would not doubt if this book later one day will become a movie. 

As of today he released a bonus gift for those that orders the book on his website, a piece of original artwork by Bergting himself. Here is the place to find the deal If the deal is no longer there you are probably to late.

Legenden Om Morwhayle, Demonprinsessan is a 320 page book, published by Semic.
ISBN10: 9155257984
ISBN13: 9789155257989

Bergtings webpage
Collected work
And a small notice a game is on

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You can find Peter Bergting´s at Facebook: 
Or buy the book earlier book “Häxmästaren” or other books, comics, and products he has created at:

Adlibris buyer?
The book will be sold here

Just a Bergting Fan?
Did you know Peter runs his own fantasyforum? Go check it out you will probably find him there

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